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Tuitions Fees

Tuition fees are EUR 8000 by year for both non European ("Third country") and European students.

For granted European students 4 000 € are provided by the EM student scholarship and 4 000 € are provided by the programme (not to be paid by the student).

All students (granted or not) will pay their fees yearly in September to the Registration office of the hosting UP institution.

These fees include (I) the institutional, teaching, logistical, and organisational costs during the courses, (III) the student’s insurance (EACEA minimum requirements), (III) the language training proposed by the IMACS programme, and (IV) participation costs to go to the scientific meeting organised jointly with the French Clay Group (GFA), and to go to the Farewell congress (from P5 hosting institution).

These fees do not include (I) travel expenses between the different training periods, (II) housing rental, (III) administrative cost other than the academic ones (cost due to emigration procedures, banking…).