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International Master in Advanced Clay Science

Erasmus Mundus Master course

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Home Program Summary

UP : University of Poitiers in France ; TUC : Technical University of Crete (Chania) in Greece ; UA : University of Aveiro in Portugal ; UO : University of Ottawa in Canada ; UFRGS : Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre) in Brazil.

Year 1 :

P0 – Poitiers – Welcome session and Integrative period, Intensive French language training, basic knowledge update, field trip - partially joint with the Farewell congress
P1 – Poitiers – Weakly language training, fundamentals on clay science
P2 – Chania, Aveiro, Ottawa or Porto Alegre – Practical master project

Year 2 :

P3 and P4 – Specialisation periods.
P3a – Chania – Geomaterial and Civil Engineering – Assessment and processing.
P3b – Ottawa – Advanced clay, nanomaterial.
P4a – Poitiers – Environment, soil and geological systems.
P4b – Aveiro – Healing minerals.
P5 – Poitiers, Chania, Aveiro, Ottawa or Porto Alegre – Master Thesis.

Farewell congress, Degree Awarding, Closing Session (Poitiers).