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The IMACS study programme runs for 2 years (24 months of study including 2 months of holiday) with 2 periods of professional practice and research (4 and 6 months), both rich and robust.

First year

In September, students are welcomed in Poitiers for their integration (see below). This integrative period P0 (including French language training and basic knowledge update ) is followed by an extended scientific programme on the fundamentals of Clay Science including identification and analytical methods, physico-chemical properties and a field trip (period P1 : from October to March).

The fundamentals of the course are acquired in Poitiers where lectures are delivered by internationally recognised experts.

Language training (FR, EN, PT) is also delivered during this period.

A compulsory mobility (periods P2a, P2b, P2c, P2d) is planned from April to July for practical project works. This period can be spent in one of the institutions of the consortium (except Poitiers). To share their own experiences during this project period, a scientific meeting dedicated to students will be organised jointly with the French Clay Group (GFA) and possibly with other Clay associations.

Second year

The second year corresponds to the elective specializations hosted by two of the IMACS institutions. This 2nd year includes a part of teaching (periods P3a and P3b from September to mid-November, P4a and P4b from mid-November to end of January) and the project of Master's Thesis (period P5).

The number of students accepted for each specialization will be 8-12.

During application, the student has to rank the alternatives by order of preference :

- Geomaterials and Civil Engineering - Assessment and processing, Chania (G) or Advanced clay, Nanomaterial, Ottawa (Ca) (P3a or P3b).

- Environment, Soil and Geological system, Poitiers (FR) or Healing minerals, Aveiro (PT) (P4a or P4b).

Elective courses in relation with mineral resources (period P5e) are given by UFRGS (BR).


The programme ends by the defence of the Master's Thesis in the hosting institution.

Students are awarded in Poitiers in September during a farewell congress during which they present their project to fellows and new incoming IMACS students.

The completion of the cursus is rewarded by M.Sc. multiple degree detailing individual curriculum in a Diploma Supplement.

The nature of the degrees awarded depends on the elective periods followed in the 1st year and in the 2nd year (specialization).


The teaching language is mainly English.

During P0 an intensive language training in French is provided for all the students according their initial proficiency.

During P1, a language course is offered in French, Portuguese and English according the institution chosen for the 2nd year.

During the next periods, language courses are also available in each visited institution.


The students are welcomed in Poitiers and IMACS local staff help them in all the administrative tasks (i.e. accommodation, French resident permit request, banking, academic admission, ...).

A complete guideline is available for selected students.

For further details, see the program table, the catalogue of units, or download the presentation of IMACS program in Adobe PDF format.