Procedure for students not originated from

Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo Brazzaville, Cote d’Ivoire,Gabon, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Marocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, USA, Vietnam

have to fill in the application form and send this application form and the required documents by post-mail to the following address:

Patricia PATRIER
Master Argiles-IMACS
Université de Poitiers - UFR SFA
Bât. B8 - TSA 51106
5 rue Albert Turpain
86073 POITIERS Cedex 9

Deadline: May 2017.

Several selection meeting will be hold on mid-April, mid-May and mid-June 2017. Students will be informed of the selection by e-mail by end of April, end of May or end of June, depending on the date of receipt of the application.

Documents required

The applicant will have to send the following documents:

Degree equivalent to BSc

A certified (translated in English) copy of the required degree for application in a Masters Course (at least a Bachelor Degree or a nationally recognized degree equivalent to 180 ECTS).

If requested, the applicant must prove the international recognition of the mentioned Degree as equivalent to a Bachelor and provide such official recognition translated in English. An academic equivalency could be attributed based on the professional experience of the applicant (validation of acquired experience). In consequence, the programme is not only open to B.Sc. students.

Note: The application can be sent even if the B.Sc. is not fully completed at the deadline. This situation shall be explained precisely in the additional explanation letter. The IMACS selection board will decide if the application will be processed or not.

Language proficiency

Excepted for native speaker, a certified fluent level in English is needed as proof of the sufficient knowledge of the English language. Additional proficiency in French, Greek or Portuguese could also be sent.

Transcript of records

Transcript of records presenting the complete list of courses validated during the Bachelor with the grade obtained in an explained scale (preferentially the ECTS grading scale or the international norm defined by the NCEFEC on a scale from A+ to E).

This document must be an official document emanating from the concerned institution with the name and the signature of person in charge of the formation and must be in English or a copy of a certified translation in English must be provided.


Two letters of reference emanating from two different teachers, researchers and/or professionals, who have directly known the applicant during a teaching or work period, explaining the applicant's suitability with respect to the programme applied for.

The evaluation form completed by the person in charge of the last training (Bachelor or Master courses).

Letter of motivation

Typewritten or word-processed, in English, in which the applicant explains why he/she is applying, how he/she thinks that this application can help him/her and favor his/her personal project, what are his/her professional objectives.

This letter must also present the candidate's arguments explaining his/her preference for the training mobility.

CV Europass

A curriculum vitae (in English) giving additional information useful for the evaluation and perception of the applicant's interest and suitability to the IMACS programme (the applicant's experience, project, training or studies abroad ; work experience, actual and past professional activities, miscellaneous & language skills).

The creation of the CV Europass is performed on the EU website.

Duly completed and signed Application form.

Recent photography

Copy of passport (or Id)

Note that selected non European students have to possess a passport with an expiration date posterior to the normal date of the end of the course to which he/she is enrolled for (e.g. around 3 years).

Additional explanation letter (if necessary)

The applicant can explain in a separate letter specific issues, for example : special needs, missing documents...

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